The Civil Society Education Fund 2016-2019 in Moldova

Between January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2019, the Alliance of Active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) is implementing the second phase of the project “The Civil Society Education Fund 2016-2018 in Moldova”.

The purpose of the project is in line with the overall purpose of the CSEF program and consists in promoting a constructive political dialogue at the national level and increasing the accountability of the national authorities in order to guarantee the access to a fair, inclusive and quality education.


  • Involve the civil society in public policy planning and mobilize the local communities to strengthen inclusive education in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Strengthen the reform and budgeting processes regarding the implementation of the inclusive education in the Republic of Moldova, based on evidence and human rights.


  • advocacy and awareness by establishing sustainable partnerships with local, central and international public authorities, participation in thematic working groups, press meetings with the attendance of inclusive education experts aiming to draw the public’s attention to the subject
  • monitoring and evaluation involving the elaboration of a sociological study on the implementation of inclusive education in the Republic of Moldova, formal and informal meetings of EFA group – APSCF’s working group on inclusive education – and representatives of high-level institutions.

The project is financed by the Global Campaign for Education through the Arab Campaign for Education for All.