Active and responsible participation of NGOs child protection policy making

Through the project “Active and responsible participation of NGOs in child protection policy decision making”, APSCF took the ambitious task of consolidating the know-how of the member NGOs in a field that was less approached so far – public policies making at central and local level in child protection.


  • an expert contracted a group of public policy trainers with a focus on child protection;
  • 4 training modules in public policies, dealing with the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of a public policy at central and local level;
  • involved NGOs trained in child participation in the public policy process.

As a follow-up for the project, the trained NGOs will have the necessary tools and the opportunity to get involved in the public policy consultation process, either at their local level or at higher levels of local and central public administration.

This project was implemented between December 2011 – June 2012 and was financed by UNICEF Moldova.