Child Human Rights Defenders

On May 21, 2021, APSCF took part in a workshop focused on Child Human Rights Defenders (CHRD) held by Child Rights Connect in partnership with The Child Rights Information Center in Moldova. The workshop’s main role was to detail the New Implementation Guide, offering answers to questions like: Who are the child human rights defenders? Why is it important to recognise CHRD? What is different for CHRD? What can you do?

The participants, including representatives of APSCFțs member organisations, also detailed the situation of CHRD in Moldova in interactive discussion and gave examples of children who are CHRD inour country. As Luis Pedernera, Chairperson of the CRC Committee, explains in the preface of the Guide “CHRDs are protagonists in the fight for their rights and we – adults and institutions – must respect them, accompany them and empower them”.

The Implementation Guide of the Rights of Child human Rights Defenders can be fund here.