The participatory monitoring and the evaluation of social services – a mechanism for social responsibility

The representatives of more than 100 CSOs from Moldova were present at the forum “The participatory monitoring and evaluation of social services – a mechanism for social accountability”. The participants are representatives of member organizations of APSCF, of the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities from the Republic of Moldova (AOPD) and organizations implementing grants within the project “Better social services through a sustainable partnership between the civil society and the government”. During the event, the participants were discussing and analyzing HOW MONITORING AND PARTICIPATORY EVALUATION of social services can increase the transparency and responsibility of public authorities in developing and providing quality social services.

Civil society organizations have an undeniable potential to bring positive changes in society. The European Union supports the efforts of civil society to contribute on increasing the efficiency of the activity of public institutions in the social sector through participatory monitoring and evaluation actions”, stated Marco Gemmer, Head of Operations, Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova. “The active involvement of citizens in monitoring of public processes will facilitate the dialogue with the authorities, and the actions taken will address the current needs. Thus, the social services provided will respond to the needs of vulnerable groups, including their quality.”

The Forum’s sessions were aiming to strengthen the capacities of CSOs for transparency and accountability of public authorities in developing and providing quality social services; strengthening the knowledges about the mechanism of participatory monitoring and evaluation and about the concept of social accountability.

The forum is a platform for dialogue designed to increase the CSO’s involvement and contribution to increasing transparency of central and local authorities and increasing social accountability. The joint action plan drafted within the Forum contain joint activity directions for 2020. The organizations involved in its implementation will benefit from support from APSCF and AOPD in order to apply the tools for participatory monitoring and evaluation of the community social services and the public goods.

Within the Forum participants have signed a Resolution, available here.