Public consultations for the Government Action Plan for 2019-2020, EDUCATION, CULTURE, YOUTH & SPORT

On August 9, 2019, the Ministry of Education, Research and Culture organized a session of open consultations for the Government Action Plan for the years 2019-2020 in the fields of education, culture, research, youth and sport. The event was attended by the development partners, NGOs, public associations and other organisations collaborating with the minister.

APSCF has manifested its opening for cooperation and constructive dialogue, provided thatthe government functions can be granted for the benefit of children, and made recommendations for strengthening and complementing the previous education initiatives:

  • to connect the Action Plan with the National Programs, and to include the actions prescribed by the National Program for Social Inclusion, Government Decision No. 723
  • to include the elaboration of the next Inclusive Education Program in the Action Plan
  • to extend the implementation of inclusive education in pre-school, and specialized and higher education institutions
  • to individualise the necessary resources at national level according to the needs and the standard cost per student
  • to create / to develop specialized mobile services for psychological, psycho-pedagogical, kinetotherapeutic assistance at the regional level
  • to correlate the employment policies with the income policy
  • to plan and to maintain care measures that will help build children’s resilience against adversity, especially against sexual abuse and exploitation
  • to focus on online safety and online reporting available mechanisms for children
  • to review / to elaborate the concept for the extracurricular education
  • to ensure de facto compliance with legal provisions regarding transparency in policy-making, by consulting the civil society