Assisted social housing – a space that inspires change

The public association DEMOS offers, since 2006, temporary accommodation in well-appointed spaces for socially vulnerable young people from rural areas and for those coming from the social protection system. DEMOS manages the “Assisted social housing” – a semi-autonomous place with a maximum capacity of 12 beds, with 3 social educators assisting the young people developing life and social skills.

“Even if it’s difficult, changes happen. The beneficiaries of the service are getting used to a new world, diverse, full of challenges, but also of opportunities. They just have to learn to adapt and not miss the opportunities that this service offers.”Viorica Orac, psychologist

Currently, the center hosts 9 girls from the northern part of the country. Each of them follows an individualized service plan, carried out by a multidisciplinary team: the psychologist, the social worker, a jurist, a social pedagogue.

“We need support for changing our situation, we want to be citizens with a better social status!”Ana, a beneficiary

The future plans of the association include opening of a day center for children at risk, aiming to help them with social and school integration services. The association already has resources for opening the center, they just need to find the space. We wish them success in their efforts to transform the future of children!