NGO Council meets The Public Service Agency

On May 29, 2019, representatives of the NGO Council (APSCF is a member) had a meeting with representatives of the NGO Registration Directorate within the Public Services Agency (ASP).

The discussions focused on some of the challenges faced by the NGO Council, such as: statute registering and changing, the fees charged by the ASP centers for providing information, and other aspects influencing the non-commercial organizations environment.

With a Government Decision setting the fees for NGOS comming soon, the NGO Council plans to advocate for reasonable fees, taking into account the non-profit purpose of non-governmental sector organizations.

The ASP representatives recommended that non-commercial organizations holding an old type of registration number (7-digit tax code) file a free application to one of the ASP centers to be assigned a new 13-digit fiscal code.

The meeting concluded with the proposal for holding regular informal meetings for consultation purposes, as well as to discuss the practical problems faced by both the ASP specialists and the representatives of the nonprofit sector.