APSCF signs collaboration agreements with Regina Pacis Foundation, Caritas Moldova and Terre des hommes Moldova

On January 31, 2019, APSCF signed collaboration agreements for implementing projects and initiatives about child and family social protection and other related areas, with the following civil society organizations: Regina Pacis Foundation, Caritas Moldova and Terre des Hommes Moldova. In this context, the organisations established three objectives: capacity strengthening in developing and promoting public policies focused on child and family protection; promoting the rights of the child and monitoring the implementation of the UNCRC; promoting public-private partnerships in child protection.

Regina Pacis Foundation is an organization that provides psychological, social and medical assistance to children deprived of parental care and assistance to socially vulnerable families. The mission of the Regina Pacis Foundation is social reintegration of all those in need, especially children and their families at risk. Throughout 2017, the Regina Pacis Foundation has fulfilled its mission with the following results: 39,000 warm lunches for the ones in need; 10 children reintegrated into their biological families; 21 children deprived of parental care received comprehensive assistance; 14 girls left out of residential or non-residential institutions were assisted in the Assisted Lucuin; 100 children benefiting from the summer camp in Vărvăreuca; 45 children and young people in detention benefited from training.

Terre des hommes Moldova has been active since 2004 and is dedicated to the realization of the rights of the child, being an active participant in the improvement of the child protection system in the country. Terre des hommes Moldova (Tdh) contributes to ensuring a better future for disadvantaged children and the communities they come from, adopting an innovative approach and applying practical, sustainable solutions. At the present, Tdh’s work in Moldova is focused on three complementary areas: child protection systems, children and migration and children’s rights. To date, 167,980 children have benefited from services developed by Tdh, such as psychosocial group activities, play areas, information sessions and others; 5881 children were repatriated and referred to specialized services or placed in professional parental care; 60,164 parents benefited from psychosocial group activities and information sessions; 10,386 professionals from Moldova (including the Transnistrian region) and the Russian Federation benefited from training and coaching.

Caritas Moldova is a charity organization that implements social projects for children, old people, students, vulnerable families, people at risk and other vulnerable categories. Every year more than 2,000 people receive assistance through its programs implemented throughout the country. Older people receive home medical care, medicines, detergents and food, and over 1,200 home care visits; more than 160 children and young people have access to education; over 1,000 disadvantaged families and people at risk receive help, food packs, clothes, financial support and counseling to overcome difficult situations. Moreover, year after year, the foundation tries to bring more joy to these people, gets to know their life stories, but also the problems they face, and does not forget about them.