Global Action Week for Education

The Global Action Week for Education (GAWE) is an event organized each year in 100 countries around the world, aiming to raise awareness among citizens, authorities, donors and other actors involved in social protection on the topic of education.


In 2019, #GAWE lasted from April, 24 to May, 1, and focused on making the right to an inclusive, equitable, quality, free public education a reality, supporting citizens and communities to claim their right to education through an online petition. In Moldova, APSCF promoted #GAWE2019 through an online campaign focused on ODD4.


Between April 23-27, the Alliance of Active Child and Family Protection NGOs (APSCF) organized the Global Action Week for Education aimed at empowering government and civil society to meet the 4th Sustainable Development Goal “Quality Education”. The 2018 event focused on the importance of funding the education, encouraging civic engagement and participation, and calling on authorities to keep their promises on implementing the Agenda 2030 and meeting the SSDG4 – Quality Education.

During the week #GAWE2018, the APSCF team organized the following actions:


Between May 8-12, the APSCF carried out the Global Action Week for Education implementing an online campaign to raise awareness on the specifics of Sustainable Development Objectives, focusing on explaining and disseminating information about SDG 4 – Quality Education. During this week, key messages promoted the right of all children to quality education and the teachers’ right to in-service training.

On May 10, APSCF released the sociological study Implementing inclusive education in the Republic of Moldova, during an event attended by representatives of CRAP, SAP, APSCF members, representatives of civil society and the press.


The first edition of the Global Action Week for Education in Moldova aimed at raising awareness and informing civil society on the right to education in an inclusive environment of children with disabilities, through the campaign ‘Equal Opportunities – Equal Opportunities. Education for All’.