Protective equipment for 53 CSOs from the Republic of Moldova

53 civil society organizations (CSOs) providing medical and social services received personal protective equipment, thanks to a project funded by the Soros Foundation Moldova and implemented by Keystone Moldova. The purchased equipment – hand sanitizer (1,742 bottles), medical masks (54,250 pcs.), Gloves (29,000 pcs.) And respirators (1,938 pcs.) – will ensure the protection of about 700 people involved in the provision of social services and monitoring the observance of the rights of people from vulnerable groups.

The 12 member organizations of APSCF that received a batch of the equipment totaling 88385 lei are: The 12 member organizations of APSCF that received a batch of equipment totaling 88385 lei are: A.O. “INTECO”, A. O. “The Future”, A.O. “CCF Moldova”, A.O. “Change for a better life,” A.O. “AUTISM HOPE,” IRMS Diaconia, A.O. “The Road,” A.O. “Concordia. Social Projects ”, A.O. “National Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse”, A.O. “Drops of the Soul,” A.O. “Tighina Association of Psychologists”, AO “Epitrop”. The equipment, estimated to provide protection for at least 2473 beneficiaries, includes hand sanitizers (355 bottles), medical masks (18,000 pcs.) and gloves (9400 pcs.).

“For many years, the Soros Foundation Moldova has been supporting civil society initiatives in our country. After the new coronavirus appeared in Moldova, we allocated funds to provide those who need it most, including organizations that provide medical and social services, with personal protective equipment. Hundreds of thousands of masks, gloves and respirators, were distributed starting with May this year to our partners, who are exposed to risk every day. We are glad that another 53 organizations receive protective equipment, which means that they will ensure the uninterrupted provision of much needed services, protecting both their own health and the lives of those around them”, said Vitalie Slobozian, program coordinator, Foundation Soros Moldova.

In the pandemic emergencies, CSO employees are working with people from vulnerable groups, including those in residential and medical institutions. Most CSOs do not have the additional financial resources needed to provide protection materials.

“For Keystone Moldova, this project is an act of solidarity with our colleagues, who, regardless of the difficulties, continue their activity. The human resources of CSOs are the greatest value of all time. From the resources of the project we are providing individual protection measures both for our employees and for other organizations operating in different regions of the country” – said Ludmila Malcoci, Executive Director of Keystone Moldova.

Among the CSOs that enjoy support are organizations that provide or develop services for people with disabilities and children at risk: 30 CSOs receiving grants under the project “Better social services through a sustainable partnership between civil society and government ”; 10 CSOs members of the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities; 12 organizations that are part of the Alliance of Active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Protection (APSCF). Protective equipment was also provided for the employees of the Institute for Human Rights of Moldova, for activities of assessment and monitoring of respect for human rights in public institutions during a pandemic.

The event took place within the project “Support for the procurement of personal protective equipment needed by employees of civil society organizations”, funded by the Soros Foundation Moldova and implemented by Keystone Moldova. The project aims to procure personal protective equipment for employees of civil society organizations to ensure the access of vulnerable people to the necessary services. The total budget of the project is USD 20,980.