APSCF’s experience in the spotlight in Morrocco

24 NGOs from Morocco, members of the CDE Platform (Plateforme Convention Droits d’Enfants) met on 18.09.2018 in Casablanca, one year after the official launch of the network, to discuss the achievements and the challenges of the first year of functioning, and to launch the drafting the fifth alternative report to be submitted by the Moroccan civil society to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. The APSCF’s experience of more than 15 years of practice, its biggest successes and challenges, were presented by two members of the Coordinating Council of the alliance, representatives of member organizations Ave Children, Mariana Ianachevici, and Amici dei Bambini, Moldova, Stela Vasluian.

Even if it comes from a country that is twice as small, territorially and numerically speaking, than the host city of the event – Casablanca, APSCF’s experience was valuable and most appreciated by the participants at the event. “Children are children anywhere and regardless of their ethnic, social or economic origin, their rights must be respected by all”Mariana Ianachevici said when pointing out key issues for a good network management: efficient communication, good coordination between the members, gathering evidence-based data that contributes to making a complete and comprehensive picture of the real situation of children in their country.