INTECO promotes fundraising activities at Colibasi

On April 12, 2018, young people from GLI Colibaşi made an important step in helping to develop their native village. Participating in the training organized by the INTECO Public Association on Fundraising, they learned what fundraising is, what are the rules and principles in fundraising, and what concrete methods can be applied in Colibasi village to implement collection campaigns funds. The proactive attitude and enthusiasm of young people have not been long awaited. Thus, even during the training, young people have assumed responsibilities to put into practice what they have learned and outlined the concept of fundraising campaigns for three concrete problems that Colibasi village is currently facing. GLI Volunteer Inesa Zberea also held a practical exercise, from which the participants tried to make the choice of the case to donate money.

INTECO is waiting for initiatives from young volunteers to be launched as early as May!
Dear young GLI Colibasi, we want success!

The INTECO Public Association provides social and economic assistance to disadvantaged people, supports community development, social activism and citizens’ initiative. The association has been active since 2004 and is a member of APSCF.