The ‘Alexandra Grajdian’ Trophy for COURAGE and INNOVATION in promoting the inclusive education is a distinction awarded by The Alliance of Active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) to the institutions that have made a substantial and lasting contribution for developing and promoting inclusive education.

The awarding ceremony takes place annually and is accompanied by a certificate of distinction. The trophy is granted only to legal entities – educational institutions like kindergartens, primary schools, gymnasiums, high schools, vocational schools, colleges, universities and others.

The trophy is awarded for:

  • courage and innovation in promoting inclusive education (breaking / eradicating stereotypes, promoting change, flexibility in developing inclusive education services, adapting services to the real needs of students, etc.);
  • accessibility of the institution from all perspectives;
  • leadership in implementing education;
  • advocacy / advocacy for inclusive education;
  • cooperation and partnerships (with parents, community, local government, NGOs, etc.)
  • promoting pro-actively own experiences.

The awarding procedures and the trophy’s description can be downloaded here (Romanian language).