APSCF is looking for advocacy and communication experts

One of the areas that APSCf is advocating for is quality education. The role of civil society in advocating for inclusive and quality education is essential. With the support of CSOs and development partners, it has been possible to improve policies, provide support for education professionals, empower children to talk about the problems they face, many of which are related to the school environment. However, much remains to be done to improve policy dialogue and communication with decision-makers. CSOs need to be strengthened and united in advocacy for common causes to ensure a stronger voice.

APSCF aims at creating opportunities for dialogue with the authorities and for setting key priorities for quality education, by implementing the “Together for Quality Education” project, with financial support from the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED).

In this context, APSCF contracts a consultancy to provide technical support in the participatory development of an advocacy and communication plan in the field of education, based on the priorities selected and finalized with the project team and the participants involved in the process.

Details of the terms of the consultation can be found here (Romanian language). The deadline for submitting files is October 16, 2020, at 18:00. The files will be sent by e-mail to coordonator@aliantacf.md with an indication on the topic of the message “Offering consulting-advocacy services”.