Training and consulting services in advocacy needed

Within the project “Better social services through a sustainable partnership between civil society and government” financed by the European Union, implemented and co-financed by Soros-Moldova Foundation in partnership with Keystone Moldova, the Alliance of active NGOs in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) and Alliance of Organisations for Disabled People in the Republic of Moldova (AOPD), APSCF and AOPD are contracting training and consultancy services in advocacy to increase the participation in the decision-making process of CSOs, including APSCF and AOPD members, by improving the dialogue between civil society and local public administration for better social services.

The services provided include advocacy training for 40 CSOs and support for about 10 CSOs for the implementation of advocacy actions at the local level in order to improve the dialogue between the civil society and public administration for better and sustainable social services.

Deadline for submission: 29 April 2020. Details about the consultancy here (Romanian language).