APSCF – member of Global Campaign for Education

Starting with this year, APSCF is a member of Global Campaign for Education (GCE) – a civil society movement that promotes and defends education as a basic human right. GCE campaigns and advocates at the international, regional and national level to put pressure on governments and the international community to deliver the right of everyone to a free, quality, public education.

The GCE movement was founded in 1999 to provide a platform to unify and coordinate civil society voices in relation to the global education agenda. Since then, the GCE has grown significantly, in particular through the expansion and consolidation of national civil society coalitions as APSCF.

GCE is focusing on six strategic areas: 1) quality education, 2) equity, non-discrimination and inclusion in education and through education, 3) strong, public systems, leadership and governance in the education sector, 4) financing for public education, 5) transparency, accountability and the role of civil society in the education sector, 6) education in contexts of conflict or disaster.

More about GCE here.