US Peace Corps’ Human Rights Panel

On 11 July 2019, APSCF took part in the Human Rights Panel in Moldova organized by the US Peace Corps.

The action is part of the US Peace Corps Community Economic Development Program and was attended by representatives of civil society organisations with experience in promoting Human Rights in Moldova.

Peace Corps volunteers in the Community and Organizational Development Program (COD) are assisting the NGOs and the lcal administrations to strengthen their project research and writing skills, long term planning, leadership and networking skills, as well as their organizational capacity, management, and financial sustainability.

The main objective of the event was to raise awareness among the 49 American volunteers on the challenges and the diversity of inclusion, and about the human rights efforts in the Republic of Moldova. APSCF was represented at the event by Secretary General Carolina Buzdugan, who presented the network’s best practices in the field of Children’s Rights, and APSCF member “Forta Sustinerii”.