Training for applying the behavioral analysis and the Picture Exchange Communication System

On June 6-7, 2019, APSCF in partnership with SOS Autism conducted the training session “Applied behavioral analysis and the Picture Exchange Communication System”.

The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) allows people with little or no communication abilities to communicate using pictures. First used in the USA, PECS has received worldwide recognition for focusing on the initiation component of communication.

The training provided by Mrs. Mariana Druc, Behavior Therapist and Master in Clinical Psychology, was attended by the teachers and specialists from the institutions awarded during the 2018 Inclusive Education Gala: Primary School and Kindergarten “Alexandru Donici” from Cahul, “Petre Stefanucă” High School from Ialoveni district, Primary School no. 21 “Spiridon Vangheli” from Balti, “Mihai Eminescu” High School from Căuşeni, Hyjdieni Gymnasium from Hjjenieni (Glodeni district), Inclusive Kindergarten “The Story” from Nisporeni, “Stefan Holban” High School from Carpineni (Hincesti district).

On the first day of training were presented the essential aspects of the applied behavioral analysis, followed by practical exercises. On the second day, the participants familiarized themselves with the PECS, what are the phases of applying the system and how to use it in day-to-day work and practice its application.