The press club ‘The family and the school, partners in child education’

On February 7, 2019, the Alliance of NGOs active in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) has organised the press club “Family and School, Partners in Child Education”. During the event, it was launched a video clip part of the advocacy campaign promoting the importance of the partnership between the teacher, the parent and the child in the child’s personal development and inclusion in the community. The video was developed by the APSCF in partnership with the Media Center for Youth within the framework of the project The Civil Society The Civil Society Education Fund 2016-2018 in Moldova , financed by the Global Campaign for Education through the Arab Campaign for Education for All. The event presented the perspective of the civil society, the parents and the teachers about the importance of promoting good practices among teachers, the teacher-parent partnership and involving parents in the educational process to ensure quality education.

Liliana Rotaru, APSCF’s President, stressed the importance of civil society’s role in fostering the teacher-parenting partnerships by facilitating the teacher-parent dialogue, by increasing the family trust in school, and by promoting good practices of strengthening partnership. The civil society, along with media representatives, should talk more about the subject and thus encourage the involvement and the collaboration between parents and school.

Angela Cazac, teacher and inclusion trainer, talked about her own pedagogical experience, stressing the importance of guiding parents about how they could interact with their own child to facilitate the child’s creation of meaningful learning contexts. The involvement of parents in the educational process is important for the child’s skills to adapt. One of the values underpinning the educational partnership is openness and willingness to listen to both teachers and parents.

Ruslan Stanga, parent and chief executive of the Institute for Rural Initiatives, shared his comments and suggestions on strengthening the educational partnership, highlighting the need to change the perspective of child education and the role of parents and teachers in the educational process. In our educational system, the focus is on developing the child’s performance, but this should be changed to focusing on the development of emotional and adaptive skills. There should also be a teacher-parent dialogue platform that would contribute to its school and community inclusion.