The presentation of the report evaluating the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Municipal Child Rights Protection Directorate (DMPDC) and the roadmap

On February 20, 2019, was presented the reportevaluating the efficiency and the effectiveness of the Municipal Child Rights Protection Directorate (DMPDC), developed by the APSCF, in cooperation with the Chisinau City Hall and UNICEF Moldova.

The event was open by Ruslan Codreanu, Interim General Mayor of Chisinau, who reiterated the importance of the social field and identified it as one of the priorities of the municipality. Ruslan Codreanu stressed that the report refers to all subdivisions of the local public administration: the Finance Directorate, the Social Assistance and Health Directorate, the Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Directorate, etc. Each entity is to come forward with reasoned proposals to change things and perceptions in the Chisinau municipality on the field, so that the results of the whole team can be recorded over a period of time.

Sergiu Rusanovschi, Child Protection Specialist UNICEF Moldova, mentioned that this partnership is a strategic one and is a good start for the efforts of identifying the best ways to help the municipality.

Liliana Rotaru, President of the Alliance of NGOs active in the field of Child and Family Social Protection (APSCF) noted the City Hall’s courage to request this assessment, to determine the current situation and to identify the direction and steps to be taken. It is also important for civil society to know where the support is needed and what it can do in this respect.

Through its mission, objectives, services provided and beneficiaries, the DMPDC is the main public institution responsible for the protection of children’s rights in the municipality of Chisinau. DMPDC has significantly contributed to respecting the child’s primary right to grow up and to be educated in a family environment.

The DMPDC evaluation methodology, its results, the key findings and recommendations were presented by the team of experts who developed the report – Camelia Gheorghe, international expert and Dumitru Budianschi. The evaluation was participatory – 159 interviewed or consulted (including 28 parents / carers); 27 interviews, 10 focus groups; visits to a sample of 3 suburbs of Chisinau municipality: Singera, Bubuieci, Ciorescu; visits, interviews and direct observation of 3 children services (CCCT “Satellite”, Day Care Center “Attention” and CMPRCVF); McKinsey’s DMPDC development level survey (158 respondents, response rate: 60%); validated findings during two debriefings; feedback recommendations based on stakeholders.

The recommendations proposed deal with several major areas of intervention: strategic and operational planning; reorganization and development of the institutional structure; studies, analysis, prognosis; human resources management; monitoring, reporting and information systems; risk and financial management; participation, transparency, institutional communication.

Lucia Caciuc, Interim Chief of the DMPDC, presented the roadmap designed to strengthen the child protection system in Chisinau, based on the areas of intervention mentioned above. Mrs. Caciuc underlined the importance of the support of the Chisinau Municipal Council, Chisinau City Hall, all the subordinated structures and donors in the implementation of the roadmap, so that in 24 months it can be said that the DMPDC is not only the rights of the child , but also operates within a framework of transparency, evidence-based planning and human resources that are continually trained and motivated to be part of the change.