NCPCA reopens the special conditions ​​hearing area for children

Hearing child victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings is one of the procedures that complement the overall picture of investigating crime against children, and this exercise should be performed in dedicated facilities equipped with means of audio and video recording via an interviewer.

The special conditions hearing space inside the National Center for Prevention of Child Abuse (NCPCA) was adjusted national legislation requirements (waiting room, the room of the criminal hearing itself, room view) and has the support of UNICEF Moldova, specialized equipment, in accordance with international standards for spaces of hearing children. Thus, the sample collection is performed in a maximum security regime, excluding child victimization.

During the oficial reopening from Octomer 11th, it was talked about the need to promote quality standards for areas of hearing child victims / witnesses under special circumstances under Article 110, and about the need for better cooperation actors to develop child-friendly justice system. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the General Inspectorate of Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Superior Council of Magistracy, the Forensic Medicine Center.

During the meeting was also presented the friendly center for psychosocial support for child and family service AMICUL, provided by NCCAP in partnership with the Child Protection Chisinau. AMICUL offers specialized services of social and psycho-pedagogical assistance, preparation of children for participation in legal procedures and interviews, legal assistance and crisis interventions.

Only in 2016-2017, 3 out of 10 children who were sent Amica received hearing under special circumstances by a trained interviewer. Most of them are victims or witnesses of sexual abuse (60%) and of domestic violence (34%).

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