The procedure for joining our network

According to our APSCF’s statute, to our network may join ‘any registered non-governmental organization that shares APSCF’s vision, mission and objectives and is ready to manifestly engage in their realization’.

The first step in joining APSCF can be made by submitting a set of documents about your organisation. The documents are:

  1. Accession form (Romanian and Russian)
  2. Minutes of the body empowered to decide to join the organization as a member of the APSCF
  3. Declaration on Adhesion (Romanian and Russian)
  4. A copy of the organisation’s statute
  5. A copy of the registration certificate
  6. The resume or the summary of your organization’s work (including activities, implemented projects, etc.)
  7. The child protection policy

In the second stage, the secretariat of APSCF sends the application documents to the Coordinating Council, who decides on the accession of the new members.

For details and more info, please contact us at